Recommendations for visitors - Krasnoyarsk Fair CJSC

Recommendations for visitors

Before exhibition:

1. Choose an exhibition: Decide what kind of information you are interested in. Look through the exhibition calendar. Choose an event.

2. Familiarize yourself with the exhibition profile, topical issues and sectors, list of exhibitors. Decide what companies are of interest for you. Examine the business program — round table and panel discussions, seminars may become very useful for your business development. Read the newsfeed related to the exhibition at

3. Pass the on-line visitors registration. It would save your time and money. You will get a visitor’s badge valid during all days of the exhibition, presentation kit and the visitor’s guide. Other advantages of the pre-registration are described here.

4. Choose the way you reach the SIBERIA Exhibition Centre. If you travel from another city, book the tickets, choose a hotel in Krasnoyarsk and book a hotel room. You may see the information on the SIBERIA Hotel at our web-site.

5. Prepare business cards, booklets and price-lists. Plan your time on the exhibition.

At exhibition:

1. Get your individual badge, take an official catalogue of the exhibition, visitor’s guide and the event program.

2. Do an exhibition, take the promotional materials, share your materials and business cards, write down the contact details of the companies’ representatives you talked to.

After the exhibition

1. Analyze the collected information, save the necessary contacts. Evaluate the efficiency level. If the work did not come to the esteemed results, analyze the reasons, get to the bottom in order to rise the efficiency of the next year exhibition work.

2. Schedule your visit at the next year exhibition.