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Six investment projects in forest exploitation have been put in action in the Krasnoyarsk Region

In the Ministry of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region the Committee that oversees and controls forestry investment projects in the Krasnoyarsk Region took place. The representatives of the companies that implement these projects told in detail about outcomes of their work in 2016, current situation and plans for 2017.

It should be mentioned that at the moment 6 large forestry investment projects are being implemented on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Region: ООО "Sibles Project", ООО "Ksilotek-Sibir", ООО "Priangarskiy LPK (forest-industry complex)", АО "Kraslesinvest", ООО "ForTrade", ООО "Managing Company "Mekran".

According to the results of 2016 most enterprises actively disbursed investments and increased production outputs. Thus, ООО "Priangarskiy LPK (forest-industry complex)" had significantly increased the volume of investments, timber harvesting and timber output. The enterprise had fulfilled the plan in creating new work places and now over 670 people work there. АО "Kraslesinvest" started a new timber production in 2016 as well as a new drying complex and a line to sort out dry timber; 477 people are employed at this enterprise. ООО "Sibles Project" launched a pellet production, a boiler facility that makes heat energy for its own needs out of lumber wastes. In addition to that, the company is finishing all the preparatory activities for the launch of the second project stage aimed at establishment of a brand new complex in Sosnovoborsk.

The members of the Committee remarked that several projects were facing serious underruns from the declared concepts; certain problems with implementation of antifire and reforestation measures on the timbered areas under lease had been fixed. The representatives of these companies were reminded that these revealed problems can become the basic reason for lease agreement termination and this can lead to the fact that the project can be excluded from the list of priority initiatives at all.

"We would like to warn all the company owners about their responsibility for breaking the dates of realization of their concepts and incompletion of reforestation and antifire measures. Members of the Committee, forest division employees, supervising bodies, as they say, have a finger on the pulse, visit and control the situation on the industrial grounds and logging areas", highlighted Minister of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region Mr. Mikhail Vekshin.


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