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Krasnoyarsk Region has all the advantages for development of paper-and-pulp industry

Krasnoyarsk Region has good prospects for development of paper-and-pulp industry. This point was declared by Mr. Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, in his speech about a new strategy of timber industry complex development in Russia.

Our country is the largest forest operator in the world. Annually we produce over 200 mln. cubic meters of timber. Nonetheless, despite the stable growth of production capacity in timber industry complex, its contribution to the country economy is not enough. It is impossible to change the situation in this sphere without new approaches that have formed the basis of the Strategy of timber industry complex development in Russia till 2030. At the moment the Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with professional Associations and key players has been completing its content.

According to the Minister’s words, wooden house building can become one of the drivers for the development of timber industry complex. Nowadays wooden house building in Russia (glued laminated, regularized and graded lumber, wooden sandwich panels) comprises 12% of the total volume of residential construction. In USA, Canada and countries of Western Europe this component makes it up to 40%.

In order to make wooden house building more popular in Russia, there are certain conditions – production of new wood-based materials by local enterprises. For instance, LVL - laminated veneer lumber. By its parameters it significantly exceeds iron girders: weighs less, but has a higher fire-resistance. Another popular material - oriented strand board – is famous for its ecological compatibility and climate resilience. It is widely implemented for exterior and interior decoration.

In addition to wooden house building and others, not less important vectors of forest industry complex development a separate block of the Strategy will be devoted to the development of paper-and-pulp industry. Nowadays a new plant is being built in Zabaykalskiy krai for production of 400 thousand tons of unbleached pulp. This project has been implemented together with Chinese partners (Xinban Company) with announced investments of 30 bln. Rubles.

There are great opportunities for building of similar plants in the Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk krai, Vologodskaya and Irkutskaya oblast.

«Our goal is to get a considerable 50% increase of the timber industry contribution to the GDP of the country in the long-term perspective till 2030 due to the increase of the shipped products volume and added value per timber unit,” concluded the Minister.

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