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At ExpoDrev it was offered to use DNA-analysis methods for forest protection

Specialists offered to use methods of DNA analysis for forest control and protection. This offer was discussed at the round table session devoted to this issue that took place in Krasnoyarsk within Timber Industrial Forum in Siberia International and Business Center.

According to the specialists, DNA expertise can help to identify the wood type – appropriate for cutting down or not – and to “tell” all the information about the tree, as human DNA contains information about each person. In addition to that, due to new diagnostic methods it would be possible to launch genetic adaptation for those plants that require this. For instance, adaptation mechanisms of one plant to heavy precipitation can be applied for other plants in the regions where such weather conditions are expected.

To realize this idea it is required to establish a unified population database of genetic markers. The main complexity of this method is in the fact that plant genome is more complicated than a human one, and in order “to read” this, complex technologies are required. But they do exist.Konstantin Krutovskiy, forest genomics lab supervisor at Siberian Federal University, a leading research scientist at the Institute of General Genetics, explained: “New methods enable to do this – to create an initial genome, based on which we can continue further research works. It is the same as the first investigation of the human genome made a revolution in medicine, in organism research methods, so it should happen in the research of the plant genome. It is essential to make a complicated computer analysis, to have a powerful computer, and we have created it: the most powerful computer in Siberia exists at Siberian Federal University.”

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