«TechStroyExpo. Roads»

January 22 — 25, 2019

«Siberia Expocentre»

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Statistics 2017
Number of exhibitors: 66
Number of represented countries: 4
Exhibition area (sqm): 2500
Number of visitors: 9313

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company invites you to take part in the 5th specialized trade show “TechStroyExpo. Roads 2019”.

Today there is a rapid growth of construction equipment market in the Krasnoyarsk region due to the active development, great number of large-scale construction sites, and planned building of World Winter Universiade 2019 sites. A segment of warehousing machinery and specialized equipment is being actively developing as well.

In the Krasnoyarsk region one of the most effective platforms for presentation of novelties of the mentioned industries is the specialized trade show “TechStroyExpo. Roads 2018”. This project is aimed at specialists in the field of road construction machinery and technology as well as warehousing and handling equipment. It takes one of the leading positions among the largest trading platforms for these areas in the Siberian region..

Exhibitors profile:

Construction machinery and equipment

· Construction machinery and special-purpose vehicles

· Mobile and tower cranes, and other lifting equipment

· Lifts

· Attached implement

· Drilling, sinking and piling equipment

· Metal scaffold, falsework, auxiliary facilities

· Formwork systems

· Concrete production machinery, concrete pumps, carriers and placer

· Manual and portable tools and machines used in construction, components for construction machinery and equipment

· Construction machinery and equipment rental

· Repair and maintenance services

· Financial and insurance services, construction machinery on lease

Road machinery and equipment

· Design and construction of roads, bridges, tunnels

· Road machinery and equipment, materials and structures for construction and repair of transportation facilities

· Equipment and technology for utility lines laying; utilities

· Security equipment: equipment for speed monitoring and control, traffic lights, road signs, barrier railings, road markings, etc.

· Intelligent transport systems for design, construction and traffic management

· Special materials and equipment for road maintenance

· Municipal machinery

· Diagnostics, quality control and road works safety

· Software and telecommunications

· Investments, insurance and leasing of road construction facilities, machinery, equipment.

Warehousing machinery and equipment

· Warehouse rack systems

· Handling equipment: forklifts, hand- and electric trucks, electric tractors, stacker trucks, reach trucks, shuttles, batteries and chargers for loaders

· Lifting facilities – jacks, winches, cranes, lifts, hoists, telphers, elevating platforms

· Warehouse automation facilities: warehouse and logistics network management systems, software for logistics systems simulation, identification technology, electronic devices

· Equipment for order packing and batching: conveyors, pallets for storage and transportation, order pickers, packaging equipment

· Operational equipment: lighting systems for industrial and warehousing facilities, sweepers, air-conditioning systems